‘Where is the Empathy’ asks Jwala Gutta over ‘racist replies’ on Social Media?

‘Where is the Empathy’ asks Jwala Gutta over ‘racist replies’ on Social Media?

Jwala Gutta is a professional badminton player from India. She represented India in events internationally beginning 1990, in the singles and doubles for women. She has won over 316 matches in both, singles and doubles.  These are the most number of matches won by any Indian. She stands at number 6 in the rankings worldwide. 

She is the child of a Telugu father and a Chinese mother, and had started playing badminton at a young age. She was declared the National Champions 14 times. 

Jwala Gutta is shocked and deeply disturbed over receiving comments that are definitely ‘racists on her post on social media. She took to social media to mourn her grandmother’s death. 

Jwala took to Twitter to pay tribute to her late grandmother. She said that her Ammaama (gradmother) had passed away in China on the eve of the Chinese New Year (CNY). She mentioned that her mom used to visit the grandmother every month but she could not do so for the past one year due to the ongoing corona virus pandemic. She added that covid had made the human kind realize that it was very important to be in the present and do whatever it takes for your loved ones. She concluded the post with New Year greetings. 

Later on she shared a reply she received from a twitter user. This user asked her whether she was talking about the COVID or the Chinese virus. This got Gutta vexed and she threatened that no one can give any racist comment on her family.

In another tweet Gutta asked what had gone wrong with us as a society. 

She said she was surprised as she was mourning the loss of her grandmother, who was in China and all she gets are racist’s replies. She was surprised that the user asked her whether the virus was Chinese. She wondered where we were heading and what was happening to society. She concluded the post by calling society shameful. 

Another user replied stating that he understood what Gutta was going through but unfortunately, this is what is happening, people are getting insensitive and the nation is crossing limits. He asked the badminton player to ignore such people and offered his condolences to her and also to the family. 

Congress leader, Gaurav Gogoi, also supported her and tweeted that she had worked hard and brought medals and also glory to India. He said he stood by her and offered her his condolences. 

Congress leader, M Prithviraj Singh, tweeted that she was a fighter not only on the court but also off the court. He offered his condolences and advised her to keep on smashing. 

Last year, Jwala Gutta had faced racial attacks since the time the COVID-19 started. She ignored and moved on. She says that she pity these people as they are the ones who approach her for a selfie and that she chooses not to pay any attention to them.


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