What Diet Soda does to your Physical and Mental Health?

What Diet Soda does to your Physical and Mental Health?

Diet soda is one ‘evil’ that needs to be totally avoided. It is a big ‘NEGATIVE’ not only to your physical health but also mental health. 

Studies conducted have proved that diet soda is the direct connection to diabetes, obesity, heart problems and many other health problems. Present times, studies have proved that this soda is also connected to mental diseases like stroke and dementia. This is definitely scary. 

Diet soda came into the market with a promise of less sugar and fewer calories, but this was only an ‘empty’ promise. No one can tell the difference between the diet soda and the regular soda and this is just the beginning of all the problems. 

Here are some of the reasons you need to stay away from Diet Soda

1. Increase Cravings for Sugar

 Increase Cravings for Sugar

As known, diet soda uses artificial sweeteners. This changes how sweetness is associated with intake of calories. Studies have proved that diet soda increases the cravings for more sweets. This leads to actually increasing the consumption of more calories. This is gaining weight and risks of obesity. 

2.  Affects the Digestive Tract

 Affects the Digestive Tract

There is a possibility of diet soda altering the gut microbiota. This has a negative effect on hormones and digestion. 

3. Diet Soda is not effective for Weight Loss or Diabetes

Diet Soda is not effective for Weight Loss or Diabetes

Evidence suggests that this diet soda is no replacement for sugar and other sweeteners. This soda is full of artificial sweeteners that works in increasing weight and also increases the levels of blood sugar.

4. Damages the Kidney

 Damages the Kidney

Consuming diet soda for a long period of time increases the production of the harmful free radicals. This is more so in the renal tissues. This leads to kidney damage.  

5. Diet Soda leads to Tooth Decay

 Diet Soda leads to Tooth Decay

Diet soda, as mentioned, filled with artificial sweeteners. This is also acidic and thus damages the teeth. Tooth decay is common in those who are regular with their intake of diet soda. This contains citric acid, tartaric acid and also phosphoric acid. 

6. Consumption of Diet Soda can lead to Foul Mood

Diet Soda can lead to Foul Mood

Most of you reach out for the can of diet soda when you are bored or even feeling down. Do you realize that after a few sips you find it difficult to concentrate? Research has proved a connection of depression and anxiety to diet soda. So, to ensure a positive mental health, keep your distance from the diet soda. 

7. Bone Density

 Bone Density

Studies have proved that the colas and sodas are the biggest stealers of bone density. This was due to the high content of the phosphoric acid. 

Quitting diet soda is painful. This is not easy and there is no way you can do so ‘cold turkey’. You will have to gradually eliminate this from your regular diet. 

This means it is addictive and any addiction is harmful to the physical and also the mental health. Be prepared for the withdrawal period, where you feel worse before you feel better.


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