Tips on going back to Sleep after Getting Up

Tips on going back to Sleep after Getting Up

It could be the small feet walking around the house, or probably a bark from the stray dog, or even nature’s call that has awaken you from your deep slumber. This ‘getting up’ in the middle of the night can be tiring. You do not get your ‘proper’ sleep and you are all messed up in your head. This is due to the fact that as soon as you are awake, different thoughts start crowding your head. 

Here are some tips you need to follow.

1. Start Deep Breathing

Deep breathing is one definite way to relax and get rid of anxiety and stress. The only important thing is to ensure you are doing this in the right manner. 

Put your hand on your tummy, close your eyes and take a breath slowly and deeply. You need to do this through your nostril. This done right makes the abdomen rise. You can try breathing slowly to a count of five. Now, you need to release the breath as slowly as before to the same count of five, but this needs to be released through the mouth. 

These slow breathing uses the respiratory muscle and the diaphragm help the mind and the body to relax. 

2. Try Muscle Relaxation and Sleep Meditation

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Meditation is very effective not only for sleeping but also for the overall health. If this is not done properly, instead of relaxing you, it can stress you out. It is advisable to follow a guided sleep app to get a clear understanding of this. 

Lie down and breathe slowly while listening to it. Make sure you put this on loop so that you do not have to get up to switch it off. 

According to an expert on stress management, some of these apps can embed the delta waves of sleep.

You need to focus only on the guidance or probably the white noise and take deep breaths. 

If, after sometime, you are not relaxed, you need to try muscle relaxation. Start with your toes. Breathe in and tense the area for around 10 seconds. The tension then needs to be released quickly. Imagine you are breathing for that specific part of the body when you exhale. Do the same with your feet and then your calves and so on. 

3. Avoid Keeping Time

Want to feel guilty and anxious? Keep looking at the clock. Make sure you do not keep a watch on the time as this will only increase your anxiety and stress. Now that you are awake and not getting sleep, it is no big deal. One night of disturbed sleep does not cause major problems. The more you think about this, the difficult it gets to relax and sleep. This is an unending cycle. 

If after around 20 minutes you are yet awake, get up and walk around the house for some time, or go drink a glass of water. You can even try reading a book or probably playing a brain game.


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