The Types of ‘Exercise Snacks’ and the Multiple Benefits

The Types of ‘Exercise Snacks’ and the Multiple Benefits

The pandemic taught lessons that most of the people will never forget. One of these is the importance of exercise.

Exercise sacks are small bouts of exercise you can do throughout the day if you are unable to devote 30 minutes at a stretch. These exercises can be of a minute or even a few seconds. However short these might be, you need to know that they do make a difference to your overall health. These exercises can be done from the office, home or even when you are outdoors. 

Here are a few ways you can do these ‘exercise snacks’ at regular intervals. 

1. Adding Exercise to a Phone Call

You can add the required activity to your day via a social call or even a work call. The person on the opposite end does not need to know. All you need to do is keep talking and walking at the same time. You can also do hand exercises if you have weights lying around. Try a wall sit or a yoga pose while interacting on the phone. 

2. Standing Workout

Try a standing workout by taking a small break from the ‘back-breaking’ stagnant office work. You need a chair for balance and ensure your shoes are sturdy. This work out is perfect for pregnant women, the older people or those who are sitting the whole day. 

3. Adding Movement

Every couple of hours put on your favorite song and start dancing or jumping. You can ask your children to join you. This is going to be fun even for them. Adding music and exercising to these offers all the benefits of rigorous exercising. 

4. Jump Roping

This jump roping can tone the lower body and also the upper body. This exercise works well for all those home-bodies or even office goers who have access to the restroom. All you need to do is jump rope for 20 seconds with a high intensity. This can be repeated two more times with a break of two minutes in between the exercise to recover. 

All that is needed is a Staircase

You do not need to shop for all those fancy and expensive gym equipment. Studies have proved climbing three flights of stairs is all that is needed for this exercise snack. 

For optimal benefits of these ‘exercises snacks’ make sure you give this a break of three to four hours. 

Skip the elevator and take the stairs to get maximum benefits. 

‘Exercise sacking’ can help in eliminating problems like chronic illnesses and obesity that is spreading like wild fire. This also helps in improving emotional and social health and well being. 

The ‘exercise snacks’ are not time consuming so you have more time to the other things that you love. Instead of carving out those 30 minutes for exercising, you can achieve the similar goal via this snacking without impacting your daily schedule. 

This type of exercising is tempting and works well for most.


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