The Pandemic is now at a strange ‘In-between’ Time

The Pandemic is now at a strange ‘In-between’ Time

The pandemic might actually come to an end by the fall for America. But till then what is to be expected?

Is the US past the worst case scenario of the pandemic? Hospitalizations and cases seem to have come to an all time low from the time all this havoc started. To add to this, vaccinations have started and this has given the total scenario some positive look. 

Johnson & Johnson vaccine trials have proved that only a single dose is effective and the Biden administration has managed to buy almost 200 million additional doses from Moderna and Pfizer/Biotech. These companies have vaccines that are already approved. 

Every American who wants to take a vaccine can get one by the start of the coming school year. According to Youyang Gu, a data scientist, the United States will reach herd immunity in July late. 

Americans can look forward to planning for the end of the pandemic due to the promise of the vaccinations by summer. The crisis seems to be getting soft and it is easy for America to crush this by autumn. The ‘medium-term’ future of the pandemic is what the question is. The time period of March to May is the question here. 

The outlook is a little dark as this window of March to May seems to be a little large and there are chances of a surge in cases. The problem is the U.K. variant. The scientist terms this as a ‘grave concern’. In almost all the countries that this variant has dominated, it has increased the reproduction number of the disease, the “R” by nearly 50%. The surge is building if the “R” is above 1. 

The experts state that even if you kept aside the variant, it is difficult to predict what the United States will face during this time. 

The process of testing and tracking the infected takes quite some time. Before getting diagnosed with the virus, the patient might have infected quite a few. 

In the recent past the news of the pandemic has been definitely good. The average number of cases seems to be falling with each day and this also can be stated for the hospitalizations. The former hot spots are also abating. The average number of cases in California seems to have fallen by more than half since January 1st, 2021. 

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To add to the good news, the speed of vaccinations is also on the rise. There are good chances of the routine resuming soon. The epidemiologist, Julia Marcus, states that if you are vaccinated, you have the freedom to hug another person, who is also vaccinated sans any fear. Though there are chances of things going awry, like the virus strain evolving against a specific vaccine that is not so effective. At present, this seems very unlikely. 

All you need to do at present is wait, and take the so- called precautions. You also need to decide on taking the vaccine as soon as you can without any hesitation.


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