Some New Tech Terms for the New Year you need to know

Some New Tech Terms for the New Year you need to know

As known, 2020 was a ‘unique’ disaster, but it is now time to move on.  Whether 2021 will be better or no, it is to be seen, but for sure, technology is going to move on without waiting for any one. Here are some ‘new’ techs terms you need to be aware of, to keep up with the new tech trends. 

1. Refresh Rate

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Display technology is the ‘new’ in. The HD era seems to be now ending. 1080p sets are now replaced with 4K TV’s and the streaming hardware of entry-level has embraced the jump to the high definition video ultra. Those who are not too techs-savvy, you need to be looking for the ‘refresh rate’. 

This refresh rate is the number of times any display can refresh (blink) in a second. This is measured in Hertz. The most conventional of hardware has come up to 60Hz. These include latest iPhones and also 4K TV’s that are lower-priced. 

With a high refresh rate you can look forward to an experience that is smoother looking. This will be relevant in this 2021 as Play Station 5 and Xbox Series X, both the game consoles that have been launched support gaming at 120Hz. You will get only ugly glitches if you try enabling a 120Hz game on a 60Hz TV. So, check out the refresh rate when you wish to upgrade your display. 

2. WiFi 6

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Not many are aware of the new kind of WiFi, the WiFi6. This has been out since quite some time but 2021 will see more people adapting this. 

This is a new standard of certification that can make your internet faster once your devices and your router are compliant to WiFi6. 

This WiFi6 is known to handle network congestion better. These will be apt for those who had to work with several devices drawing from a single router. 

You will also come across WiFi6E, which is faster and also reliable even with multiple devices using the same signal. 

3. HDMI 2.1

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HDMI ports are the things you use to plug any modern device into a display of TV for a HD image. The HDMI 2.1 is a new kind of HDMI port. This transmits the data very quickly as compared to the one you currently have. 

In order to display games or videos at 120Hz and 4K you require that much of power. A regular HDMI can do one of these and not both. This HDMI 2.1 is important especially for those who purchase the new gaming consoles. Besides having a HDMI 2.1 port you will also require a HDMI 2.1 cable. The Xbox X and the PS5 series include one in the given box. The cable and the ports do not look very different from the old HDMI but they definitely give a big boost to the performance. 

It is not known what 2021 will bring but for sure, the above mentioned phrases and words will be quite common in the tech-world.


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