Small Tips to Train your Child to Spot Fake News and Stay Safe

Small Tips to Train your Child to Spot Fake News and Stay Safe

The internet is an important part of most of our lives, including children. With the ongoing pandemic and online classes, there is no way you can keep your children away from the digital world. 

Technology has offered many positives, but the negatives this offers can be dangerous, especially for small children. It is important that the parents take this danger seriously and train their children. This can help the children learn and explore the many aspects of technology and yet be safe from the dangers lurking around. 

The first step to ensure the safety of your children is to teach them on how not to share any personal information with anyone online and also not access just any website. You need to be around when your child is surfing the net. Besides, children also need to be able to distinguish between real news and fake news. 

The ongoing pandemic and lockdowns have caused havoc in the lives of children. With online education it is important that your children know ‘how’ to surf the internet and what to believe and what not to believe. 

It is difficult not only for children but also adults to find out what is fake, and what is real. 

Here are some tips for that ‘SAFE’ browsing of the internet. 

1. Make sure to double check..Become a detective

There are multiple resources for gathering reliable information online; this can be combined with the sources offline. 

Surf different websites and check and compare the news. 

2. Donot Interact with Strangers

Parent need to explain to their children on not accepting requests from strangers. This can be on social media or even when they are gaming. You need to remember that the people you are playing games with online might not be what they appear to be. 

3. Look for Support and Seek Help

If you are not too sure about anything online, it is important to seek advice and support from your near and dear ones. Not all of us are well-versed with the happenings online. This means, it is safer to take the advice from your family when you venture on to something that you are not familiar with. 

Your child needs to know that they can always seek your help if they are not too sure about some images, chats or messages. Explain to them that they need to report anything that is disturbing to them. 

4. Chat with your Kids

Communication with your child needs to be open and positive. Spend time with them surfing the net together. This ensures greater safety. You can discuss the positive and the negative about the internet. 

If you feel your child is going through something worrying on the internet, be there for him/her and offer your support. This can be reported to the authorities if you find that it is dangerous. 

Internet is fun and can work positive if you take the so called precautions and do not get into any kid of trouble. The safety of your children needs to be of prime importance.


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