Impeachment Trial of Donald Trump: Ex-president Claims Victory, What is the Truth

Impeachment Trial of Donald Trump: Ex-president Claims Victory, What is the Truth

From the time Donald trump started his run for president, he has been surrounded by different types of lawyers.

Different lawyers of the ex-president have different capabilities to cater to the headstrong client. 


Almost seven of the Senate voted for the conviction of trump. In American history most of the senate was from the Republican party of Trump. 

The former president, Donald trump, managed to beat the rap again and he made sure that no time was wasted in claiming victory. His statement was released even before an official statement could be made. His impeachment was denounced as a phase of witch hunt which was the greatest in the American history. 

This will be an asterisk if not a dark stain in history. This time there was no East Room of the White House where Trump could summon his allies for any celebration. This was considered as bipartisan impeachment. 

Most of the Republican senators were compelled to stick with him during the trial. Few of these defended the actions of Trump due to constitutional reasons. 

Senator Mitch McConnell from Kentucky was one of the senators who voted for acquitting him, but also condemned hi the most. He is a Republican leader who was silent for almost four years but has now washed his hands off him. 

Trump was accused of a disgraceful dereliction of duty as he tried to turn the election around. He was also accused of settling a mob loose to ensure the blocking of the formalization of his defeat. 

McConnell stated that those who stormed the Capitol, believed that they were doing so on the instructions and the wishes of their president. This belief was the consequence of conspiracy theories, false statements and also reckless hyperbole by the defeated president. 

His vote tempered his sting as, according to McConnell, he believed that you cannot put a president on trial once he has left office. 

Not only McConnell but seven Senate Republicans voted in favor of convicting Trump. 

Some of the other Republicans echoed the reproval of McConnall. They stated that the actions along with the reactions of the former president were disgraceful and that history would judge him in a harsh manner. 

Functionally, two-thirds of the Senate agreed to Trump being guilty based on facts. Donald Trump was let off due to technicalities. 

The Democrats were not too sure how to emphasize the result as moral victory or condemn this as a betrayal by the Republicans. 

Trump avoided provoking the Republican during the trial as he was wary of losing McConnell. As known, McConnell could have brought a number of votes with him. 

According to the experts, the former president could be exposed by the victims for civil litigation. 

McConnell encouraged the authorities to go for criminal prosecution against Trump. According to him, this was appropriate constitutionally and a former president could be held responsible for his actions. It was possible to get accountability even now.


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