Here Are the Latest Developments in Technology around the World

Here Are the Latest Developments in Technology around the World

Here is a quick look at tech updates ranging from the latest in artificial intelligence to a device that can detect hand gestures. 

Technological Advancements

Technology is advancing rapidly. What’s new today will quickly become obsolete, only to be replaced by the latest tech updates. Every day brings with it new and exciting developments in the field of technology. Here’s a quick look at the latest advances in technology around the world.

  • Device Recognizes Hand Gestures

Engineers have developed a device that can recognize hand gestures by detecting electrical signals on the forearm. A combination of artificial intelligence (AI) and biosensors, the system might prove useful in the future to control prosthetics or even interact with almost any electronic device. This technology is an intuitive way of communicating with a computer, with privacy as its biggest advantage.

  • Robots as Therapy Dogs

 According to a new study, biome-metric robots, or robots that can mimic animal behavior, might prove to be a replacement to a real dog. Real dogs can pose a risk of allergic reactions or disease in certain scenarios. In such cases, a robotic animal can prove beneficial.

  • Nuro to Begin Driverless Delivery
Nuro to Begin Driverless Delivery

Nuro, a robotics start-up, is planning to start its driverless delivery service. The start-up has been given the go-ahead in California, a first in the state. The vehicle is designed to operate without a driver or passenger. Its movement is directed by radar, thermal imaging, and cameras.

  • Virtual Patient for Remote Training
Virtual Patient for Remote Training

In another tech update that is designed to make life easier, a former surgeon from NHS has created a virtual patient that is powered by AI. This technology helps people continue learning even when in-person training isn’t possible. The training will also include scenarios like comforting a patient, breaking bad news, and communicating through a PPE suit.

  • AI operates a Military Plane

In a major step towards AI being used in warfare, the US Air Force has used an AI pilot to fly a military plane. After multiple simulations, an AI algorithm co-piloted a U-2 spy plane successfully. 

Another remarkable tech update is the development of AI that can recreate spontaneous behavior observed in animals. With the use of a neural network or a program that mimics the brain, researchers tried to make robots change their behavior autonomously. The researchers aim to make the system realize animal-like actions that are full of spontaneity. 

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

As seen above, a significant number of developments can be found in the field of Artificial Intelligence. AI can be termed as an interdisciplinary science that has various approaches. Self-driven cars, Siri, Alexa, song recommendations on a music app, social media monitoring tools, etc. come under the realm of artificial intelligence. 

AI can have numerous benefits and can be used across industries. A few benefits are mentioned below.

  • The use of AI has led to a reduction in human error. An example of this can be weather forecasting.
  • As compared to an average human, AI can work 24/7 without breaks or getting bored. 
  • AI proves useful in repetitive jobs like answering mails or verifying documents.
  • Using AI along with other technologies can help in faster decision making.
  • AI is also useful in the field of medicine. AI-based technology can be used to predict illness in people.

The field of artificial intelligence is advancing at a rapid pace and revolutionizing various industries.


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