Farmer’s Protest: How will Clarion Call by ‘Jatland’ impact it?

Farmer’s Protest: How will Clarion Call by ‘Jatland’ impact it?

Hundreds and thousands of farmers from Haryana, Western Uttar Pradesh and Punjab have been protesting on the Delhi border for almost 75 days now. This is historically the Capital of India.

Delhi, besides being the capital, is the ‘heart’ of India.  ‘Jatland’ is known for managing the ‘heartbeat’. 

There have been political changes with roots in ‘Jatland’ and history is the proof of this. ‘Jatland’ is 300-400 kms around Delhi.  This ongoing protest is all set to give a twist to history. The reasons need to be understood 

‘Jatland’ believes that the ‘Real’ India lives in villages

As known, this community of Jat does not believe in rituals that are hollow. The farm is their ‘temples’, the farmer’s their ‘Gods’ and physical strength and labor is their ‘spirituality’. They are known to use the shovel and the plough during peaceful times and the sword and also the spear during wartimes.

Legacy of Chotu Ram

Chotu Ram was known to play an important role for the required changes favoring the farmers. He initiated the establishing of markets of produce, registration of the moneylenders and loan waivers for protecting the farmers from the corrupt and greedy officials and the middlemen. 

From the Politics of ‘Jatland’

Farmer’s are termed as the backbone of our country as India is an agricultural country. These statements are common. It was only in 1979 that a farmer became the Prime Minister of the country, Chaudhary Charan Singh. He managed to reach the pinnacle of power only due to farmer politics. 

Farmer’s Protest: A Sign of Disenchantment with the BJP?

The farmer’s protest which started from Punjab has been on since the past 75 days. The Punjabi farmers of all the castes have participated in this agitation but the highest in number are the Jats. 

After the happenings of the 26 January and also the 28th January, 2021, there is a sudden boil in West of Uttar Pradesh and sans any great effort the number of protestors at the border of Ghaziabad became equal to the number of protestors at Singhu and Tikri. 

Consequences of the Farmer’s Agitation

 Farmer’s Agitation

R Narayan, the CEO and Founder and President of the FICCI-CMSME, said that the farmer’s agitation that has resulted in blockades in many parts of Northern India is concerning as these could, possibly, impinge on the recovery process of the economy that is underway currently. 

This agitation has already impacted the supply chain. The Confederation of Indian industry is trying to get the agitation end by asking the stakeholders to find ways.

Two-thirds of the consignments in transit are now taking almost 50% more time to reach the destinations in Delhi-NCR, Haryana, Punjab and also Rajasthan. 

Transport vehicles are now forced to travel for an additional 50% longer to reach Delhi from the different warehouses in Uttarkhand, Punjab and Haryana. There is a possibility of the logistics cost going up to almost 10%. There is a shortage of labor as people are finding it difficult to reach the workplace from the neighboring places.


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