Exercise Can Make You Happy and Fit even If You Do not Like to Exercise

Exercise Can Make You Happy and Fit even If You Do not Like to Exercise

Not many are aware that exercise can make you happy. This ensures you socialize and keeps you fit. 

As known, at present times there is a dearth of motivation, even if you can move a little bit every day, it can work wonders. All you need to do is take a walk around the block or a workout for only 10 minutes can benefit your brain besides making your day. 

Exercising can build new brain cells. It can change the brain’s physiology, function and also anatomy. You give your brain a bubble bath of neuro-chemicals , every time you make an effort to work out. These regular bubble baths can be saviors for your brains from dangers like Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Slow and steady wins the Race

Slow and steady wins the Race

If you have avoided exercise till now, there is no way you can jump-start this. You need to do this slowly and steadily. 

You need to make this a part of your daily routine and ensure this is embedded in your psyche, like brushing your teeth every morning or having a bath. Since most of us are now concentrating on staying safe and keeping our loved ones safe, concentrating on exercise might be a wee bit difficult. 

Studies have proved that exercise can offer immediate benefits. This means, this can work in keeping you sane during these difficult times. You need to ensure you give the required importance to looking and feeling fit, getting toned and staying healthy. This is a unique way to bring wellness to the brain. 

Just one workout can increase the neurotransmitters like serotonin, noradrenaline and dopamine and these boosters also help in the improving of your memory. 

Research has also proved that a small bout of exercise can bring down the levels of anxiety and stress. 

How Much Exercise Do You Need

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Experts have recommended a 30 minute exercise routine for 4 to 5 days in a week. 

Most of the positive effects of exercising are from doing the cardiovascular exercises. This means, any exercise that can pump up your heart rate. You can choose power vacuuming if you are not able to go for that runs you had planned on. Try climbing up the stairs instead of taking the elevator and so forth. A few small changes are all that you need for your regular dose of exercise. 

You can start with just a few minutes every day and gradually increase the timing. The more you exercise the more you are motivated. 

There is no specific time for exercising, you can do this any time you are a little free. This is more so with those who have families and are tied-up during the day. 

It is not only the morning time, but even your free time in the evenings. 

Exercise is a ‘happy’ activity that ensures good physical and mental health. Your confidence is on a high, so get up and get moving sans any delaying.


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