Are Online Dating Relationships worth the trouble? The Pros and Cons

Are Online Dating Relationships worth the trouble? The Pros and Cons

Online dating are the ‘latest’ in relationships, but does this really work? It is important to have an understanding of this.

Some people have the experience of their lifetime with this online dating as this has resulted in long lasting relationships, while others are frustrated. The world is a small place, and this has been proved by technology. The internet has helped you connect with the people around the world with ease. 

Here are some of the pros and cons of online dating. Before you start surfing, it is important to go through the factors listed below. 

Pros of Online Dating:

1. Chatting in Comfort

chatting in comfortable

You can chat in your pajamas without taking the trouble of dressing up. This choosing of an outfit and make-up causes a lot of anxiety in many, especially if you do not know the person you are dating well enough. 

2. Choosing a ‘Preference’

choosing preference

Technology has taken a leap and due to the advancements you can search for an online partner by putting ‘filters’. You can put preferences in age, height, location, hobbies and the list goes on. This helps in finding a match faster. 

3. No awkward Silences

It is generally very normal to get awkward when you met someone in a social gathering for the first time. This leads to moments of silence and unease. Online chatting can help you avoid all this awkwardness. All those panic sweats are eliminated. 

4. Dating Guilt-free


It is easy to find dates online as most of these apps are free. You are able to message more than one person at a time if you have downloaded more than one dating app. Constant interactions can help you choose the ‘one’. 

Cons of online dating:

1. Fraudsters


There are multiple dangers lurking in the web world. You need to be very cautious, especially when you looking for a partner on the internet. You cannot trust anyone or everyone. It is easy to hide behind the walls of the internet and come across as an amiable and likable individual. They might seem funny and genuine but might get dangerous when you meet them in person. 

2. Online Communication

online communication

A face-to-face interaction is personal and intimate, while on a computer this seems to be very distant. Evaluating an online match gets difficult. Some cues that lead to a relationship, like touching, is missing when interacting via the computer. 

Tips for Online Dating:

dating tips

Here are some tips that can help you with online dating. 

a)  Be you and you can hope for a partner who is genuine. There is no need to ‘put on’ when looking for a friend or a partner. 

b) Put yourself in the mindset of dating so that the tone and vocabulary of your conversation matches. 

c) Do not make any compromises just to find a partner. Put yourself first. 

d) Stop looking for ‘that’ perfect individual. Remember everyone has their set of flaws. 

Online dating can work out fine only if you are mentally prepared with the pros and cons listed above.


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