A 10 Minute Routine is Perfect for the ‘Rise and Shine’ you so need

A 10 Minute Routine is Perfect for the ‘Rise and Shine’ you so need

The last 10 months of ‘working from home’ has only added to the health problems. This getting up from the bed and walking a few steps to your desk is no good. 

Pilates and yoga are two of the most common practices followed by many. Not many are aware of the ‘mobility flow’ that helps you feel mobile and gets rid of all the morning stiffness. This ‘Mobility flow’ is very much similar to yoga, but is specific for honing your mobility. This helps your joints to move freely. The pandemic has managed to make us immobile as most of the time we are working sitting. 

Here are some of the Mobility Flow Workouts

1. Downward Dog..1 minute

 Downward Dog

You need to ensure that your heels are down towards the specific mat. You can hold the legs for one minute or even pedal your legs if this feels good. It is important to focus on opening through the back of the legs. 

2. Belly breathes…30 seconds

Belly breathes

Make sure you sit on your heels with the toes placed together and the knees wide. Your hands need to be placed on your belly, for feeling your breath. Inhale through your nose and exhale also through the nose. It is important to ‘be’ in that moment and set the intention for the day. 

3. Cat/Cows….one minute

Cat/Cows position

Be in the tabletop position and inhale when softening your belly. You need to shift the gaze up. Going back to the tabletop position, exhale. Make sure you draw the belly in. 

4. Thread the Needle….30 seconds each side

Thread the Needle position

Start with the tabletop position. Thread the right arm under the left arm and continue this till the time your face rests on the floor. You need to hold on for 30 seconds. Get back to the tabletop position and try the other side. 

5. Seal Pose…1 minute

Seal Pose

Lie down on the mat with your belly down. The hands need to be on your chest. Press from the mat till the arms are in a straight line. This can also be performed on the elbows. 

6. Twisted Cross….30 seconds each side

Twisted Cross pose

Lie down on the mat on your belly and extend just one arm to the side. The other arm needs to be bent and brought to the side. Press into the floor and initiate rotation of the side. The leg needs to be up till this reaches the floor. 

7. Standing forward Fold….1 minute

Standing forward Fold position

Either have your feet flushed together or apart of the width of feet and hip. Your knees need to be bent slightly. Fold the torso towards your legs. You can rest your hands towards the floor or even interlock opposite arm to the elbow. Roll up in a gentle manner when one minute is over.

The above mentioned mobility flow exercises can help you be free in your joints. You are active and fresh if these exercises are done first thing in the morning. 


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