6 Amazing Tips to Help in Improving Your Memory

6 Amazing Tips to Help in Improving Your Memory

Forgetting small things everyday is no big deal. Most of us go through this off and on. Forgetting your grocery list or probably your car keys does not mean you are heading for big time trouble. This is not serious but can get serious. So, here are few tips to help you in improving your memory and live that ‘normal’ life you so want. 

1. Include Physical Activity in Your Routine
Physical Activity

Getting stagnant and going through life is problematic not only for your physical health but also for your brain. You need to include physical activity in your routine. Are you aware that this helps in the circulation of blood and can also benefit the brain? You need not get anxious about the type of exercise. Make sure you include something that you enjoy doing. This can be walking, swimming or even jogging. 

2. Regular Socializing
Regular Socializing

Socialize regularly so that you have someone to communicate with. There are many people who lead a lonely life, willingly. This is a big mistake. This leads to stress and depression. Interacting with likeminded people can relax you and help you in keeping healthy, physically and mentally. 

3. Stay Mentally Active
Mentally Active

The brain needs exercise, too. One way of doing this is solving crossword puzzles or playing other mind games. You can also try learning a new hobby that can keep you mentally active.

4. Stay Organized
Try organizing your home

Forgetting things can be due to clutter. Try organizing your home and de-clutter this. Learn to throw out what is not being used. When you have few things around the house it gets easier to remember what you have kept where. 

Jot down appointments, important tasks and events in a notebook. You can go through this every morning to find out what you need to do on that day. Make sure you check out the work you have completed in your to-do list. Do one thing at a time and limit the distractions. This helps in organizing your head and you are less likely to forget. 

5. Eat a Nutritious and Healthy Diet
Nutritious and Healthy Diet
Yoga female cooking homemade salad

Healthy diet helps in maintaining not only your overall health but also your brains. Include fruits and vegetables and try avoiding all those junk foods. Salads, whole grains, seeds included in your diet can make a difference to the nutrition in your diet. 

6. Sleep Well
Sleep Well

Sleep on time and make sure to get a minimum of seven hours of quality sleep. This is the time your brain relaxes and can be helpful when you forget things. Sleep deprivation is a major cause of memory loss. Make sure you switch off your phone and other gadgets when you hit the pillow. Small efforts go a long way. 

You need consult a doctor if this memory loss is playing havoc in your day to day routine. This needs to be done before the loss of memory gets worse. Getting the right diagnosis with the required tests can help you manage your problem better.


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